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Privacy Policy for Email Trader app

Integration and Acknowledgment: This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Terms of Service. By using "Email Trader," you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using "Email Trader."

Data Collection and Usage: "Email Trader" is firmly committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users. We collect specific data to optimize trade automation via "Email Trader," including unique email identifiers and the content of emails marked by specific tags associated with your Gmail account. This collection aims exclusively at detecting and passing validated trade instructions by the user. Notably, the collection of the user's email address serves exclusively for authentication purposes under the OAuth2.0 protocol, and this address is the only piece of personal data stored in the application, aside from the content of alerts noted in received emails. "Email Trader" stores this data locally on the user's device. No data retrieved by our application is stored on any "Email Trader" server, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for our users.

Firebase Data Collection: In addition to the data mentioned above, "Email Trader" uses Firebase and Firestore to track the number of emails received per day for each user. Each user is identified using a unique anonymous identifier generated by RevenueCat, which manages all subscription-related information anonymously. The records of the number of emails are erased daily. Firebase also enables the collection of certain anonymous usage statistics of the application, which helps us improve the service. No personal data is collected or stored in Firebase.

Data Retention and Deletion: "Email Trader" adheres to a strict data retention policy to protect our users' privacy. Information related to duly validated trades and email identifiers is stored locally on the user’s device and is automatically deleted after 3 days to fulfill the service requested by the user efficiently. This ensures that no unnecessary personal or trade-related information is retained beyond this period.

However, the user's email address, used exclusively for authentication purposes under the OAuth2.0 protocol, is treated differently for retention purposes. While trade-related information and email identifiers are subject to automatic deletion after 3 days, the user's email address is retained on the device until the user chooses to deregister from Gmail services via our application or until the application is uninstalled.

Upon the uninstallation of "Email Trader," all data, including the user's email address, stored on the device is permanently erased, ensuring that no personal or trade-related information remains.

In the event of a user's deregistration from Gmail services via our application, the user's email address is specifically and immediately erased from the device. Other data, such as trade-related information and email identifiers that do not contain personal data, may remain on the device until the automatic deletion period is reached or the app is uninstalled.

Data Protection and Privacy Standards: "Email Trader" is designed with a conservative approach regarding personal data privacy, prioritizing the protection and confidentiality of user information and strictly adhering to data protection laws. We align our practices with the highest standards of data privacy and protection, and we hold our third-party service providers, including Apple, Google, and Firebase, to the same level of commitment.

User Consent and Responsibility: By using "Email Trader," you consent to the data practices outlined in this Privacy Policy, including the local processing and storage of email content for trade alerts as described. You are responsible for understanding and agreeing to the terms of data collection and usage as outlined by "Email Trader," which are separate from the operations of third-party service providers like Apple, Google, and Firebase.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy: We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting of the revised policy on our website. Your continued use of "Email Trader" indicates your acceptance of any changes to the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at