What is Email Trader?

Forget the hassle of manually programming the Interactive Brokers API trade automation operations.

Email Trader simplify, accelerate and secure the implementation of your trade automation operations while leveraging the IBKR API.

Email Trader acts as an advanced technical bridge, which reads alerts received via a Gmail account on one side, before transcoding them into orders formatted for the IBKR API on the other side. It also offers an intuitive user interface and customizable features to meet specific trading needs, ensuring advanced settings together with fast and secure transmissions of orders.

This integration is especially effective at converting TradingView alerts into orders for IBKR typically in just about ten seconds from when the alert is triggered to when the order is placed.


Download Email Trader

Email Trader expected on Mac App Store and Windows Store, July 2024.

Testing on macOS is available right now, offering you a firsthand experience with our app before its official release. Also, if you’re interested in staying updated or wish to be among the first users upon launch, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to join the macOS testing group or to sign up for exclusive updates and early access.

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